Friday, June 22, 2012

Why Electricity And Basic Electronics Are Inseparable

electricity and electronic
Aside from those powered by dry cells, all of our gadgets,devices, tools and equipments nowadays run using electrical energy. Everything from mobile phones, kitchen appliances and even electric cars, can not run without electricity. At the same time, these things are composed of electronic components that work together to provide people entertainment or functionality. Indeed, electricity and electronics are inseparable. Electronic devices depends on electricity to operate. Certainly, the best model of mobile phone is useless without any power!

Magnetism, electricity and electronics

Science teachers have taught us that electrons move around atoms actively. All of these movements are caused by electrical charges. These charges posses their own electric and magnetic fields. You now see the crucial role that magnetism plays in electronics. When electricity and electronics are discussed, it is inevitable to discuss magnetism. For example, electricity must flow through insulated wires made solely from rubber. Rubber is a type of material that can be used to coat wires so electric current can be conserved within the wires. Also, this serves as protection from any short circuit should wires come in contact with each other.

An electrical fields is another concept that people interested in electronics must understand. For every electric charge, an electric field surrounds it with a magnetic field counterpart. These fields are not visible to the naked eye but devices can used to measure them.

Wattage in relation to electricity and electronics

Watts is another relevant concept in electricity and electronics. A watt is basically defined as the International System unit of power equal to one joule per second. A very practical sample would be the wattage settings that determines the radio's loudness or softness. Nonetheless, appliances that have high wattage requirements can increase your electric bill. A louder radio volume setting equates to higher power consumption. Hence, having knowledge about watts, electricity and electronics can benefit you as a consumer. You may opt to look for more energy efficient appliances so that you can balance power and economy.

Understanding basic electricity principles greatly increase your knowledge of how electronic devices operate. Having familiarity with such electronic concepts can greatly help you as a consumer or as an electronics enthusiast.

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